Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Quark Express

At the risk of suffering raucous derision
I bravely pursued my own unique vision
to explore vast planes, the final frontier
seeking new realms like a true pioneer;
with steely resolve I made my decision
ignoring long noses anxious to sneer.

My transport of choice, a huge iron horse
her skin, ionized titanium of course,
long sleek lines lending just a hint
of truly fearsome power beneath the glint,
propelled by a top secret energy source
every excursion an amazing little stint.

I’ve warped through landscapes of bizarre wonder
where up was really down and over, under
generating wormholes with relative ease
surveying the cosmos whenever I please
always being careful not to rend asunder
the space/time continuum through which I breeze.

So if some dark night you hear an odd humming
it’s probably just me going or coming,
a wacky inventor whose madcap design
revealed new worlds too strange to define
with a shameless grin and proud heart drumming
enjoying my glass of Altuvian wine!


Crunchy Weta said...

Cool, Feel free to stop and pick me up on the next journney. Quite fond of that wine stuff meself.
PS thats two poems with horses in a row. Whoa.

rch said...

I'll do that! Stall started as a fantasy about daymares but turned into something a little more 'stable' - whew that was bad.

Crunchy Weta said...


ozymandiaz said...

Another great read. I love your rhyme schemes also.

rch said...

Hey thanks oz, I figure if I'm going to do mostly rhyming I should mix it up a little.

Crafty Green Poet said...

And here's me thinking that odd humming was tinnitus....

Anonymous said...

That last stanza is very good. Thanks!

seeds travelling through time

anthonynorth said...

You had me humming the Star Trek theme :-)

little wing writer said...

excellent... my favorite martian...