Friday, June 23, 2006

Let Us Prey

Within an open moving church
belittled by a humble birch
I sit upon a mossy pew
to start and contemplate anew
if mercy’s worth the search.

Just skimming in their little bay
some water bugs intently play,
beside them robin takes a dip—
they must be careful not to slip
and send a tasty meal its way.

A vibrant yellow butterfly
serenely floats before my eye
to land upon a nearby bloom,
more focused on the threats that loom
when hungry blackbirds swoop right by.

I calmly breathe in scented air
releasing my undue despair
allowing thoughts to slowly drift
around the evanescent gift
of which we all demand a share.


Anonymous said...

Your nature poems are always my favorites. I like the way you portray the natural order of things. It seems we're the only creatures that fight it. Sounds like we attend the same church.


rch said...

Well thanks Shirley, nature is incredible to observe and always gets my brain churning. Take care,