Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Scenic View

Have you looked out the window lately?
Tell me, what did you see...
was the world in despair,
was there no one to care,
did you come away feeling a little lonely?

Staring through the dirty pane,
did chills assail your soul?
Were you feeling fear,
did doubts appear,
could it be we’ve lost control?

Take a breath, look again,
give the images time to clear;
it’s seldom wise
to trust your eyes
when common sense is curbed by fear.

Have you looked out the window lately?
If not, give it a try.
You can’t be sure what to do
without an over-all view,
take the time to really explore life!


Anonymous said...

Aha, a rerun but, one worth repeating. I did look btw...it's snowing and sleeting! Spring can't be too far away though can it?

Russell Ragsdale said...

I agree Bob! We all too often limit our view to something far too narrow. Thanks for visiting me and I'm glad to have discovered you.

rch said...

Hi Shirley, yes a rerun and it's funny you say that, it was inspired partly by one of the Gilligan variety (the one where he dreamed he was an emperor). Keep looking, it's on the way!! Thanks!

Hey Russell, thanks for stopping by and I'm glad I discovered your blog as well!! I really enjoy your style. Take care,


rch said...