Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Giant Leap

We came for wind but too much force could rend
our frail machine, or toss it like a toy
upon the sand, to utterly destroy
the willow frame, or maybe even end
it all. The Lifeboat Men and Johnny help
to bring her out; we face a vacant beach
with pounding hearts like wings that long to reach
a brand new height. Excitedly we yelp
when liftoff takes our flyer up into
the air for twelve eternal joyous ticks,
above the seaweed clumps and little sticks,
to change this world like no one ever knew.

That tiny hop across a rippled dune
has left immortal footprints on the moon.


Crunchy Weta said...

Loving your work.
As a matter of historical interest...

rch said...

Hey weta, thanks a lot, and thanks for the link, very interesting. This poem was partly inspired by a show I saw on the History Channel. Flight has always fascinated me and it seems like there should be recognition for all innovators in that area! Take care,