Sunday, April 02, 2006


Each new year we
construe more clearly
how little we knew all along,
yet still hold dearly
and quote sincerely
our truth regardless how wrong;
but candor can’t measure
the answer we treasure
existing as actual fact,
use prudence to censure
your impudent pleasure
as nothing in life is exact!


katy said...

i don't typically enjoy rhyming poetry; however, this is an endearing and charming little poem with cleverness spewing out every syllable. there's a poster phrase for you!
am so glad that i catch you on poets101. you're more than average, that's for sure.

rch said...

Hey, thanks katy! When I first started posting on the web in 2000, I noticed just about everyone was free versing it, so I decided to stick with rhyming rhythm as a sign of originality and because it's easy for me. I have enough trouble just calling myself a poet but I am average in the fact that I have the same fears and weaknesses as all humans, so that was my real intent ;-) Thanks a lot and I will make sure I get over and check out your blog, I've just been very busy lately.

Take care,


Crunchy Weta said...

nice and precise..I'd nominate it as Philosophy Song of the year.

rch said...

Hey thanks weta, I'll try to come up with a melody tonight! ;-)