Thursday, June 22, 2023


Always keep moving up
It’s really the best way to go
Though sometimes life gets tough
Don’t let it get you low

I hope all your dreams come true
And God overflows your cup
Remember how much I love you
Always keep moving up.

***Look at these two amazing young men. One moving up to middle school/junior high, the other to high school already. So happy they are doing well and wishing them nothing but the best. If you want to see how much Westin has grown check my post from February 5th 2010.***


morfeas said...

Μακαρι να εχουν καλη τυχη στη ζωη του και να τους πανε ολλα καλα
περασα απο το blog σου ν αφησω μια Καλημερα απο ελλαδα
Δυστυχως δε ξερω αγγλικα και σου γραφω στα Ελληνικα

Καλη Σου Μερα απο Ελλαδα
με πολυ Φιλικη Αγαπη

rch said...

Hi morfeas, thank you for your kind words. Both boys are really good kids and they are doing great in academics and especially sports. Have a wonderful day!