Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Have Your Cake

One and one
Is eleven son
Now go make sure
To have some fun

Today’s your day
So laugh and play
Before tomorrow
Steals away.


Donna Smith said...

decided to take you up on this! Lol!

And Eat It Two

If one and one is eleven
How do I make some twos?
Cuz on my feet I count ten toes
When I remove my shoes...

I do not understand this math
But I'm very good at play -
I think I'll leave two shoes at home
and grow a toe today.

by DonnaJTSmith

rch said...

😆 well I figured I was safe because I didn’t say 1 plus 1, it's not math, maybe numerology is more accurate. Got the little (not so much anymore) guy a new bike today, he was so happy. Thanks for your poem, it made me very happy as well.