Friday, February 10, 2023

Endless Sea

If I tried to count the tears
I've cried since you left me
the numbers, like the tears
would form an endless sea,

waves of pain and fearful tides
would dash upon the shore
as memories of empty lies
drown me with remorse.

***The last 5 posts are poems I had on another site for years but it seems to be gone now so I figured I'd put them here. Many of the original files are in an older file format and I am having trouble finding an app that will read them, I guess it's a case of antiquated code for anachronic verse 😆. Oh well time to get working on fresh stuff, a new chapter you could say, are you reading me?***


Eileen said...

Hello, yes I'm reading you. I don't come to my blog here because I have a poem website on Wordpress, think I'll try posting on here. Eileen

rch said...

Hi Eileen, well thanks for stopping by and I hope you do post here, sadly the majority of people I used to interact with seem to not be writing anymore.