Sunday, June 09, 2013


Many forks appear along the road
that ominously bends just out of view
and much too often, where we go is owed
to following what traffic flowed,
as hapless tourists negligently do;

there are those routes on which we can ascend
and darker roads routinely winding down
to dismal trails that seem to never end,
but we must choose the way we wend
to navigate conveyances through town.

It's practically impossible to veer
around each wreck, attempting so is vain,
and though the path ahead is seldom clear
I'll aim for the middle as I steer
and try to keep a tread in either lane.


Donna Smith said...

A straight course is sometimes hard to follow, but it leads to places that others, who have veered off course, will not see.
Enjoyed this.

rch said...

Been reading Zhuang Zi, this is an attempt at a modern version of walking two roads, but it could be a breakdown ;-)