Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Today my security started to ebb
when I noticed a spider had spun a big web
and that it sat eyeing me, creepily still,
the thought of it touching me gave such a chill

that I sprang into action in search of some spray
with which to bombard my eight legged prey
found WD-40, well I guess that'll do
I pushed down the plunger and watched the stuff spew

releasing so much that it started to drip
but it seemed to negate the arachnoid grip
and as soon as it rapidly rappelled to the floor
I fiercely crushed it into a smear of gore

then I felt guilty for harming that bug
I honestly never was hurt by one
but all I could do was shamefully shrug
can we ever defend why our wars are begun?


ariverflowsby said...

Gosh, Bob, what'd that spider ever do to you?? Did you even say you were sorry? But, good ole WD-40....great for so many tasks.....

Donna Smith said...

Hair spray works also.... And I don't care if that one didn't do anything to me yet. I hate spider bites! Spiders and other creepy-crawlies need to stay out of my home. Intruders!

rch said...

I can't help it, they creep me out, and this was in my office too, thank goodness for wd-40!