Friday, August 05, 2011


The nameless one cried “FASTER!”
to his dark and foaming steed
he had never known a master
or knelt before such need.

He found, with moonlight glistening
upon his windswept face,
that he could not stop listening
for whispers of her grace

that wafted on the twilight
within his inner mind
and only helped to highlight
the love he’d left behind.

While miles away Verona
who likewise thought of him
took on a new persona
pursuing passion’s whim

she gathered up her clansmen
and made sure they were armed
then raced with great abandon
her heart must not be harmed

she knew that he was honor bound
to keep the deal he’d made
and that he’d kneel upon the ground
to meet the falling blade.

At times a love is so intense
it counteracts the pain
and odds that seem to be immense,
with hope that won’t abstain.

***Part 6 of my desert saga, here's a link to part 5 which has links to 1-4 at the bottom, enjoy!***

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