Thursday, July 22, 2010


If everything's the same
as some folk would claim
well that would make living lackluster and lame

but we’ve all been designed
to express our own mind
and I hope everybody is thusly inclined.


Carrie Van Horn said...

What a wonderful truth about people, and life. If we all looked at things the same or were the would be a very boring world. :-)

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


Thus let variety be the spice of life.

Best wishes,

Lisa Ursu said...

Thusly inclined,
I am!
most days anyway.
I really enjoyed this.
Thanks for sharing.

Dimple said...

Hey Bob,

"but we’ve all been designed
to express our own mind"

Good post dear!
Simple and crisp.

I liked it :)


rch said...

Hello, I really can't take credit for this as it was completely inspired by Herb's writing over at Pixels and Dust.

Herb Alyètte said...

Hey Rich, just found this one of yours, I am humbled that you used one of mine as a launch-pad for your own. Even though it is evident this piece aims to disagree with my poem , I feel that I agree with yours too. Because yours is about life where as mine as just a cheeky stab at the repetitiveness of the (mostly teenage) writers over at a poetry forum I belong to, thus my poem was about other poems.
Though the one little quarrel I may enjoy disagreeing with is the "we are all created" line, but of course poetry is about ones own (symbolic) spirit, to express what they which.

Great write mate, top stuff.