Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Belay your boasts
of conjuring ghosts
I’ll take a swipe
at all the hype
and taint your toasts
with one small gripe

there was no test
to prove he’s best
despite his grin
what got him in:
the heart in his chest
or tint of the spin?


Anonymous said...

It's always been about the spin
Rather than what's right
What bothers most, is not the ghosts
But a tint that's less than white!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Neat rhyme scheme, yes I liked your "spin" on this one! :)


^^ im glad i made you laugh rob.
thats my goal in here..

i try to make "them" as stupid and insolent as they are ^^

thanks for the comment RCH.

Its an honor to receive some words from a poet so great..

rch said...


Doing what's right
while very commendable
may not always be the best plan
black or white
we need someone dependable
and I hope Barack is that man.

Jo, hi and thanks a lot

Hey Gerald you flatter me with your over assessment of my poetical prowess but I won't argue ;)