Monday, May 07, 2007

First Lady?

Counting on the sisterhood
to bear her to that vaunted throne
her cracked façade has somehow stood
though worry lines have surely grown,
increasing from the constant strain
of feigning deep emotional pain.

Such artifice is quite obscene
employing shameless machinations,
spewing lies from every screen
pursuing selfish aspirations.
Talk show fools can barely wait
to get her on and validate.

A future bid is all but assured
the lust for power undeniable,
hopefully people won’t be lured
and search for someone more reliable—
we need a leader, not a wannabe
obsessed with making history.


Rax said...

wow i really like the flow of this and the message. you do justice with the ending. excellent write

ozymandiaz said...

my stomach begins to churn
for the long arguous burn
the electorial onslaught begins
the parade of canditorial sins
at piety and slander I cringe
when will they ever learn