Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Welcome! You’ve touched down upon
the planet of Automaton
where only those with rigid views
decide what constitutes your dues.
Right there is a Republican
take note of its malicious grin
and to the left a Democrat
obsessed with doling out the fat,
religious types are all about
contributing their share of doubt
so every fragile mannequin
can wonder if free will is sin.
You look confused, well join the lot
we haven’t much but what we’ve got
is there to waste so grab your fill
before our machinations kill
the world in one big firestorm
but first – you must complete this form.


Word Catalyst Magazine said...

Hey Bob,

Boy, you nailed it! You can't even do volunteer work without filling out the form anymore. They should come up with one form fits all and save some trees!


CoralPoetry said...


Wonderful topical poem with beautiful slant rhymes in couplet form. As a free-verser, I am envious, but I think this is the form I would choose.