Sunday, March 18, 2007

Briar's Patch - The Conclusion

Hello! I posted back in November what is to date the longest rhyming poem I have ever written and promised an ending too. Now four months later I finally have something to post and I hope it was worth the wait.

A perfect sun began another less than stellar day
but momentarily managed to eliminate the gray,
amidst a cloud of thistledown a silent figure stood
remembering his moment as the champion for good
when harried elves triumphantly extolled his fearsome strength
then eulogized their ancient texts which prophesied at length
about a human warrior who’d deal the fatal blow
to save their humble habitat and everything they know.
Engrossed in thought the troubled man was blind to all around
except for that one darkened spot reserved as hallowed ground
when suddenly a voice said, "Don’t succumb to your regret,
we knew the outcome ere the time that you and Briar met."
"But why did you neglect to tell me? Somehow we could have planned..."
"You know that knowledge would have stayed your less than steady hand,
besides your mind was on the edge, we feared that you may snap
thus ruining our one small chance to spring the fatal trap."
This prompted Jim to spin around, his features skewed by pain
"Tell that to your friend!" he screamed while pointing at the stain.
For moments, only silence met his unrelenting glare
then Bramble (Briar’s cousin) spoke, selecting words with care
"We never wished to cause you any unresolved distress
you must remember — Briar chose the path of selflessness,
he knew that in the greater scheme his life meant next to naught
and this is why he sought you out, then bravely stood and fought."
Once more the only sound was when the gentle wind blew by
as long restrained frustration leaked from Jim’s determined eye
which never left poor Bramble’s face until he said at last
"We humbly ask forgiveness for transgressions of the past."
These simple words expressed undid the stifling chains of rage
which held Jim’s heart a prisoner within a shrinking cage;
he stared at Bramble sheepishly, observing his attire
and noticed something weird so he said, "May I please inquire
why you have that crimson spot upon your tunic sleeve?"
Without a pause Bramble said, "Of course, it’s how we grieve,
commemorating the glory of our comrade’s final fight
by wearing badges colored like the blood he shed that night,
and now if you’ll excuse me Jim, I must get back to our cave,
stay well, we’ll always be here for you and lastly — behave!"
Jim watched his little figure disappear into the brush
then waited till the forest slowly settled to a hush,
he stayed there for a long time thinking hard on what was said
then sauntered home to find a piece of fabric that was red.


Word Catalyst Magazine said...

Hey Bob,

tada! I need to try printing it out so I can read the whole thing at once but what can I say...awesome! I think it would make a great book. Where have you heard that before? One of these days, my friend, I will be visiting you at!

Take Care,

rch said...

Hey Shirley, thanks a lot. I felt I had some momentum going in that direction the year before but all I have to show for 2006 is rejections. Oh well, it's still fun! Take it easy,