Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bearing Paul

I’ve known him for eternity it seems
but never truly came to know the man
we all avoided like the plague; we ran
in fact to try and dodge his endless streams
of rambling, over romanticized crap.
He always managed to corner us though,
his failing ears oblivious of low
ungracious snickers I hid with my cap,
to talk about the Great Depression or
the ‘Big One’, bleary eyes so far away.
My Mother, smiling wide, would save the day
by saying, "Dad, quit being such a bore!"
The burden of my shame invoked despair
is much more than the casket I now bear.


Word Catalyst Magazine said...

This is very touching. Kids will be kids. We never truly learn to appreciate the wisdom of age until we get a little closer to it. You did a good job of conveying the feeling of loss and the regret we all feel for what we wish we had done before we knew we should be doing it! I never know if you're writing of the past or present but it's a nice tribute and I'm sorry for your loss.

rch said...

Hey Shirley, well you should feel better to know that I've never known either of my grandfathers in real life. This is just a little lark. Thanks for commenting my friend,