Friday, January 27, 2006

Lover's Almanac

No fiercer blaze was ever seen than in
your eyes, which sparkled brightly that cold night,
their sultry power made my insides spin
with somersaults of unabashed delight.

The tingly touch of frosted lips undid
my last reserve, I stretched a playful tongue
to taste your fragile falling form, which slid
beyond my throat to quell those words that stung

much worse than any wound I’d felt before,
and all was still once more. A distant howl
reminded us how storms can help restore
the calm that gets upended by their scowl.

An extra glint of sunshine seemed to bring
a hint that we would see an early spring.


~A4O~ said...

I like your post, heck, I like them all, your kool in my book if you use the word "spade" in any poem...

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I hope you enjoy and please come back soon. Thanks and have a good one, Mike. A.K.A-The Scribe-

Anonymous said...

I will most likely have to read this another 40 or 50 times before I can comment! . I find myself speechless at the moment. I guess that's close enough to be considered a comment.

rch said...

Hey Mike Thanks a lot! I checked your site and will be back, it's really cool.

Shirley, thanks if you're speechless cause you like it, sorry if it's because it sucks. ;-)

Take care,


Anonymous said...

I liked it.