Sunday, January 15, 2006

Big Sky Country

Nestled in this creaky wicker
gazing at a distant flicker
wondering why people bicker
when there’s so much to explore:

iridescent galaxies call—
enigmatic moons enthrall—
mysteries both big and small—
who could call this life a bore?


Anonymous said...

YES! Who in there right mind could get bored with us around anyway! Then again, who's in their right mind. Very upbeat with a little touch of bitter and sweet rolled into one. I like it.

rch said...

Thank you very much!! Take care,


Anonymous Poet said...

Wonderful! The simple profundity of the stars.

Here is my take:

Signs of Wonder

Beneath stardust sprinkles
And all that does twinkle.

Below the northern lights
In pitch darkness of night.

I look for signs of wonder,
Some sort of cosmic thunder.

Between comets and black holes,
I still await, a signal for my soul.

rch said...

Hey Anon,

I love it, great poem! I'm always looking for that 'cosmic thunder'. Thanks a lot for stopping by and your generous comments, I really appreciate it. Take care,