Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Each drop more cherished
each sip less sweet
no proof can perish
the doubt we meet;
a vessel half empty
casts shadows full blown
where knowledge is plenty
but truth still unknown.

***Inspired by a challenge at Word Catalyst Writers Workshop- go on, give it a try!***


HouseMouse said...

Very good! It is a challene. I'm still just pondering it! I'm a bit of a chicken!

Dan said...

Very nice, but Bob I have no doubt the poet-miester can rise to any poetic challenge! Thanks for reading "Choices", Happy New Year.

Bubba said...

Very nice... good job, Bob.

Jo Janoski said...

Yep! You've done it! Great job!

rch said...

Thanks it was fun!

writerwoman said...

This one I really like for its strong word choices.

writerwoman said...

Absolutely fantastic!

rch said...

Wow thank you so much WW, I'm speechless 8^O