Friday, December 28, 2007

Friendly Fancy

I’m in a daze
your lofty praise
has set my cheeks a glowing,
I fear that soon
like a balloon
this head will start a growing.

My paltry plume
well versed in gloom
has tickled your perception,
but you’re a scribe
with your own vibe
that captures the attention.

With luck our word
will soon be heard
or read or maybe spoken.
A lovely dream
that makes me beam—
Oh damn! Now I’ve awoken.


Shirley said...

Alright! Hey, we're right back where we started lol. The more things change, the more they stay the same! Thank you again...although I don't expect it I certainly do appreciate it.

Bubba said...

Your words glow along with your cheeks. Nice one...

SLY said...

Great rhyming here (of which I am a fan, and a writer)
Love the light humour too!
(GrooveSinga..on MySpace)

writerwoman said...

Happy New Years!

From Poets Who Blog.

rch said...

I can't thank Shirley enough!!