Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not So Hot

"Sssssstay with me," the fire hissed
"We’ll sizzle everything,
I’ll help you cook your food
and keep away the bugs that sting."
But in the distance I could hear
a cleansing presence sing
with pure unfiltered tones
that brought me back once more to Spring.

So I threw an extra log upon
the pit and bade goodbye
"I must be off my ardent friend
before the sun’s too high
to find that distant melody
which makes my mouth feel dry,
I should be back eventually
endeavor not to die."

A pissy little pop proclaimed
"You know you need my heat
but go and look for paradise
until you bruise your feet
I’ll be waiting hungrily
for class to be complete!"
Then silence smoldered smokily
throughout my swift retreat.

Around my camp the forest spread
as far as eyes could see
with pines and birches towering
above the shrubbery
I walked with care but no one there
barked or seemed to be
too rankled that I trod upon
their former family.

I angled towards that bubbly sound
a vigor in my stride
excited to explore despite
the slowly burning chide
for how could one so self-consumed
appreciate the ride
we all must take to find new vistas
somewhere deep inside.

Ahead the forest thinned a bit
more sunlight sneaking through
I topped a ridge to come upon
an unexpected view
a river wide and powerful
that split the woods in two
delivering the draft of life
without which we can’t do.

The bank beneath me gently curved
to form a little cove
as sunshine sparkled on the waves
like gems in someone’s trove
I watched a group of waterbugs
defined within their drove
and knew how I resembled them
when hesitant to rove.

I gauged the course the current forged
with unrelenting grit
and realized I’d be a fool
to try traversing it
so I sat until a numbness started
where I tend to sit
then stood and stretched, resigned
that my new height was but a flit.

Conflicted as I stumbled back
across the trail just made
relief infused me when I found
my cozy little glade
but then the truth exploded
like a fully armed grenade
as I realized my wanderlust
was another masquerade.

So I stirred the coals reluctantly
and stoked them for the eve
they roared to life voraciously
saying "Now do you believe?
You wear your languor openly
upon your rayon sleeve."
Then I warned it "Do be careful
for there’s much I must relieve."


abhay k said...

It's been a long time I read your poems...and today I wandered to you...
what a lovely surprise
what a whiff of fresh air
your poems are...
I think I'll start writing again...

Anonymous said...

I love it! Stay warm!

Bubba said...

Hey, I like this... it reminds me of Shel Silverstein's "The Devil and Billy Markham", his baudy tour-de-force. Your piece is saucy and impish, a curmudgeon's delight. Thanks for sharing it with us.

rch said...

Hi abhay, sorry I was away, thanks for visiting and I hope you do start writing and I'm very happy if I in any way helped inspire that :)

Hi Shirley, thanks you too!

Hey Bubba, thanks a lot, I love that word curmudgeon and have often thought of myself as one strangely enough ;)

Have a great holiday everybody!!