Monday, December 24, 2007


Like ever I procrastinate
then purchase in a frenzied rush,
precariously navigate
the whiny, aisle-blocking crush
while hackneyed carols resonate
until you pray for them to hush—
I’ve mumbled my last expletive
there’s truly nothing left to give.


Bubba said...

Spoken like a curmudgeon of the first order! Excuse me while I wipe away a little tear...

Sorry... I always get a little emotional when someone plays my themesong.

Good job, Bob, it couldn't be expressed any better.

Deborah said...

Love your poetry!

Shirley said...

Don't pay any attention to Bubba...he crys a lot! Great poem and just like
"the best spots are not on the map" the best gifts can't be bought!

rch said...

humbug! just kidding but glad it's over bubba

Hi deborah, thanks stop back again.

Hey Shirley, so true like the gift of your friendship!