Thursday, January 03, 2008


In pursuit of a heavenly form
we forsake the advice of our peers
and the comfort that once kept us warm
in the promise of earlier years.

We are dazzled by stars out of reach
in pursuit of a heavenly form
but are anxious to learn what they teach
if it aids in outshining the norm.

From the stillness that follows a storm
we begin to see splendor revealed;
in pursuit of a heavenly form
the most prudent approach is to yield

to the cosmic concerto above
well beyond the insipient swarm—
there will never be unreturned love
like pursuing a heavenly form.


Dan said...

Very cool Bob. Love the advancement of the line "in pursuit of heavenly form" in each stanza. You are the man!

rch said...

Hey Dan, thanks, it amused me to think how that line could refer to an astronomer, a suitor, or an artist trying to create something pleasing. C-ya,