Monday, January 21, 2008

Dark Matter

I felt your touch
then watched you leave
I hurt so much
but cannot grieve;
the day drags on
though sunlight pales
I seek the dawn
as night prevails.


Bubba said...

Yet another Everyman song... I even like your change of print color to reflect the changing light.

Effective treatment of a difficult subject.

Shirley said...

I just read another, much longer version of this somewhere else. So many ways to express the same thoughts and emotions. Very creative use of color! I must admit that looking at it in black & white on the comments page the message itself seems much darker.

rch said...

Hey bub this was my first parrallelism whatchamacallit, just thought I'd post it as I had nothing else.

Hi Shirley, well that's why I did the colors, because this is so hackneyed it needed something, but alas I am a sentimental sap every now and then.

Ali said...

Nothing sapppy anbout being sentimental. I do love this one.

Dan said...

Bob, sound message. The colors mesmerized me. Did the colors change, or do I need to get to the optometrist??

ekhosama said...


Nice how u made day fade into the night.