Friday, January 18, 2008


How stirring or concise
can I make a wry device
with aspirations dwarfing aptitude?
This question though precise
has no answer to suffice
so I’ll simply simper here in servitude.


Bubba said...

I'd kill for the ability to simply simper. My own more-complex version tends to lean towards becoming a smirk. I fear I possess no such wry devices nor lofty aspirations. Good thing we've got you to do that, Bob.

Gerald Galindez said...
can we be friends?
we have lots in common, including our trade...

rch said...

lol, I try Bubba, but I think you're doing just fine.

Hey gerald consider it done, I've already added you to my links.

ozymandiaz said...

Vent we must
for unless our hearth be cold
the smoke would back up
and blacken all within

ekhosama said...

Anything that ends in ice reminds me of fire and ice from robert frost. I loved that poem. I think anything ending in -ice for poetry sounds good. This is good. And of course. All ur poems are good. But. Just In case u didn't know. Or. Know.

*What are u talking about?, he asks

he he. I'm random.