Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Your brassy tone
has been reduced
to just a mousy moan
a flush has shone
for you produced
discordance on your own,

you like to blow
without a mute
to dominate the show
but now you know
your latest toot
was pianissimo.

**Dedicated to Horatio.**


Gerald Galindez said...

thanks for the comment sir, thanks for the correction, ill change it as soon as possible., i wrote this sonnet in my deepest appreciation to Shakespeare's Romeo and juliet.

which was the film we viewed.,
im really into it sir, i really do, im going to publish my other poem dedicated to the tradgedy., good day bob

rch said...

Hi Gerald, you're welcome. You have a good day too!


Bubba said...

Ha! Careful, Bob, you're letting your inner musician hang out. I think we all knew this guy...