Sunday, January 20, 2008


I had a talk with life
in it’s rustic dialect
it was sharper than a knife
whose temper sings,
impatient to dissect
uncertain things.

It held me rapt for hours
with compelling repartee,
a cavalcade of characters
and yarns galore—
I didn’t know what to say
except for, more.


Bubba said...

This is so damn good... I can't get enough of your ability to define such things as a knife's temper, then to give life to that essence in its song and preference for uncertain things. Absolutely brilliant...

You, my friend, are a true thinker. As you say-- more!

Shirley said...

I agree. You have a brilliant mind and I have to add that it does my heart good to see two of the most brilliant writers I've come across enjoying and appreciating each other.

Gerald Galindez said...

Thanks for the comment sir,
i am now to add you also in link

i'm trying to be a better poet just like you

with this communication i know i will.


hfurness said...

Wow, I agree too... this is really great the way your language matches the sound of your idea... thanks

rch said...

Hey bub, thanks. I have been reading all the masters in my old anthologies, sucking in the vibes, and this one just popped out.

Shirley you are too kind. It must be a Bob thing ;)

Hi Gerald, please just call me Bob, and I know you will too.

Harry, good to see you, thanks a lot.

knotkeats said...

The use of a knife as an allegory for life's voice is beautiful, including the use of "temper," which, in steel, defines how the metal will vibrate, or "sing."

So much said in so few words. I love it. I find it easy to fall prey to using more words rather than fewer, more correct ones, getting caught up in the rhythm and rhyme.

Beautiful and well done. Thank you