Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Is educated the same as smart?
From what I’ve seen, not quite
reciting instructions by heart
doesn’t mean you can make it work right.

It takes someone somewhat adept
at wielding an unbiased knife
to excise the plainly inept
that demand understanding from life.


ozymandiaz said...

Beautifuly said sir, beautifuly said. To add, it often seems that degree is blinding. The learned mind is often closed. But then again, I know a bunch of uneducated sons of bitches who's minds are far from open.

rch said...

Oh it's true, there are plenty of both. It's just the ones they keep shoving down our throats at work that I keep getting inspiration (& perspiration ;) from.

Dan said...

Sorry to hear Bob. Unfortunately, seems like a reoccuring them for you. Studying books deems a man educated, living life makes a man wise.

rch said...

Dan did you just make that up? ;)