Thursday, July 12, 2018

Bad Light

The scenery is yellow ‘neath the glow
From sentinels installed along the path
That arch their slender frames up to bestow
Some splashes for those seeking such a bath

While others more inclined to view the stars
Are better off avoiding any pools
Created by the structures of the czars
Who use security to swindle fools.

1 comment:

Donna Smith said...

Haven't been around for a bit. Missed reading your posts.
Your poems are often riddles to me. Today is one of those riddles. Some days I feel pretty shallow, cuz I just don't get it and I feel like I should! I know for a fact that I am not stupid - maybe ignorant... pretty sure I am ignorant of many things!
I'm not sure of the big picture again today, but I've read it a few times now. Getting it. I have a feeling I want to stay out of the streetlights! At least starlight has no security camera. lol!