Wednesday, February 08, 2017

On a Mission

Should I resume
my march to the tomb
beneath the dark banner
of garrulous gloom

or maybe my tread
should be lighter instead?
It isn't my manner
to traipse around dread

so onward I go
and though I start slow
I'm constantly moving
it's all that I know

since the day of my birth
on this beautiful earth
I try to keep proving
my life has some worth.


Anonymous said...

...and so should we all

rch said...

Every day is a battle ✌

Donna Smith said...

A mission of mirth
While cruising this earth
Will lighten the load
We've carried from birth.

Hope your load is light and your pathway clear today!

rch said...

I shall (despite
this less-than-fun fight)
endeavor to keep
my footfall light.