Sunday, September 30, 2012


Adversity can often be endured
if there's the slightest chance we'll see our dreams
come true, our febrile longing finally cured
regardless how improbable it seems,
we'll take repeated blows defiantly
or scrounge for every crumb in times of need
as long as we're convinced we just may see
that wish arrive for which we kneel and plead.
There's nothing more important to our race
than finding something positive to ply
a noble cause beyond our base concerns,
like vying for a modicum of grace
(although the cosmos seldom do comply)
and still that awful fever fiercely burns.


Mary said...

You are definitely right...adversity CAN be endured if we think we can work our way through it to the 'good.' Enjoyed your thoughts.

Put your correct link in again..I automatically deleted your second one. If it happens again, put the words 'corrected link.' When I see your new link, I will delete the old. Sorry.

Daydreamertoo said...

Yes, I agree with this. We can do most everything we 'think' we can do, if we think we can. Positive thought brings positive things.
I really like this one!~! :)

Mary said...

OK, I fixed your link! The correct link now shows.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

A modicum of grace--those words may stay with me a while--just spot on!

Rinkly Rimes said...

You paint a very clear picture of ambition and desire.

Serena said...

Powerful... Yes I believe we can endure anything as long as our vision is sure and steady and hopeful... it's like childbirth... knowing that at the end of the pain and struggle will be new life... Well written. I absolutely loved the title... it just danced out like an invitation, generating extra excitement and anticipation of the poem. Well done.

Jennifer Wagner said...

Well said sir--a nugget of human truth!

Brother Ollie said...

Pagan and Fervid were both rockin' sir.

Kerry O'Connor said...

A perfect sonnet to explore how adversity affects the mind and soul.

rch said...

Thanks for reading my Sunday sonnet, and sorry about that link confusion, it was early and my screen is small (not to mention cracked from being dropped last year)

Unknown said...

Adversity has, without question, been my greatest teacher.