Sunday, June 03, 2012


Any government's first concern
is how to stay in power
devising vicious plots to spurn
advances on their tower--
the model citizen must learn
the proper way to cower;
it's tragic how these august minds
crave lips attached to their behinds.


ariverflowsby said...

Ah, yes, that fine old art of ass kissing....Political in design...

Sadie said...

Are we leaders or simply being lead?
This government will be as what is said.
The way we "let" it go
The way we "make" it go
That's what makes ours different.
How's that? What is meant?
'Tis a volatile subject
Many are angry about what's not being said.
More prefer deaf ears so they
Won't have to hear.
Those within it see only rosy Vision,
believing the lying Decisions
The key is in distraction
So there will be no close inspection,
To those who steal from us
And donate to undeserving cusses.
There is a new law they say
That can take away the citizenship of
you and me.
Our guns, Our God just wait and see.
Think it cannot be?
They count 1 and 2 and 3.

The blessing of this land
Is dependent on who's in command.
There are 2 who would be our Master
One wrong move or belief
Will bring disaster and grief.
In the end, there is but One
Holding a double edged sword
And a commanding word.
The other will burn from within, and
then the fire will begin.
As a Lambs meat drips as it
cooks on a spit,
so those who serve evil will
fall into the pit.
Then a final sound of s-s-st...
No more remembered
No, not one thought of it...

Brother Ollie said...

funny and oh so true