Monday, November 28, 2011


It’s tough to save when you’re a slave
surviving on the runny gruel
some handsome, haughty master gave
his favorite feisty fool.

You scrounge but never get ahead
(it’s tough to save when you’re a slave)
you’ll scramble for a crust of bread
they love to make you crave

to lure you right into a grave
there are more to take your place,
it’s tough to save when you’re a slave
a sliver of forgiving grace

within your anguished mind.
It’s an asset to be brave
but when you’re strapped you just may find
it’s tough to save when you’re a slave.


Brother Ollie said...

actully true...

good piece - keep writing rch

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


Indeed your words can apply to the nourishment of the body and the mind.
A world these days of never getting 'a break' in terms of simply living and the associated costs. Always playing catch-up.
Peace of mind and as with writing, finding that nugget of timely inspiration, is always important too.

Lovely words Bob, as always which cause the reader to 'delve deep.
Thank you for your faithful support at my Blog. I have been away recently in Belfast for a visit and away with an absence of words....
Hope to be back on track soon!!!
Best Regards, Eileen :)

rch said...

Hi Double O I'm chooglin on!

Hey Eileen, thanks to you too and don't worry, just let it flow ;^)