Friday, April 01, 2011


“Relinquish your sword!” she coldly exclaimed
he pulled the bright blade from its sheath
then finely forged steel that had murdered and maimed
was riskily shaking beneath
his chiseled chin, but he wasn’t tamed
and calmly said, “I still bequeath
my heart, my life, and soul for you,
would I submit if it wasn’t true?”

She faced the fierce inferno of his eyes
whose ardent gaze consumed her heart
then dropped the weapon, moaning tortured sighs,
she had an urgent course to chart
but couldn’t stop imagining her thighs
enveloping his manly part
and squeezing him with fevered zeal—
then suddenly it all turned real.

The passion of the two conjoined was more
than either one had ever shown
the storm had long since passed them by before
they finished and were lying prone
“I’ve got to return and settle the score.”
he said at last, but she had known,
withholding teardrops as she stared
already missing what they shared.

Opaque and resolute, a silence draped
between the two while they got dressed
with every fleeting second that escaped
their love was feeling more repressed
which prompted her to think until she shaped
a moving plea to be expressed,
she turned to finally plead her case
but he was gone without a trace.

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Sherry said...

This begs for a part II. Loved it. Nicely done xo

Sherry said...

Then I read there was more. Will be checking those out too!

rch said...

thanks Sherry, yes this is part 5 of my desert saga