Monday, November 23, 2009


Everything I’ve written is a sham
a shadow of the failure that I am—
if only I could buy into the scam
that someone out there truly gives a damn

for any reason other than to spur
the image of themselves that they prefer
but frank critiques infrequently occur
when sugar-coated scribbles start to blur.


gerry boyd said...

you chose a form and stuck with it. bravo!

Stephen/Esteban said...

As a rhymed verse poet, I know exactly how you feel. Your writing wtyle is a lot like mine, but I can tell you've been writing longer than I have.

I only have around 200 poems, but it looks like you must have 1000+ by now. I appreciate your ability and creativity with meter, and know how much you must have worked to get it to that level.

Your work reminds me a little of a modern Emily Dickens. I have a feeling your poems will be recognized by a lot of people some day.

Again, I'm very impressed with your poetry.

rch said...

Hi Gerry, thanks.


Just when I feel like venting you go and leave one of the kindest comments I've ever received. Thank you for renewing my confidence and I hope to read your verse someday. Take care,


Stephen/Esteban said...

No problem. Oh, and I meant Emily Dickenson, not "Emily Dickens" I always mix up her name with Charles Dickens for some reason!

: P

Dimple said...


Fantastic work, Great rhythm & last but not least, a very good subject!

You are poet filled with tons of ideas & imagination. Hats off!