Tuesday, May 12, 2009


When I thought what I said mattered
there was so much to relay
a brand new page was spattered
with purpose every day
but margins can grow tattered
getting battered by the fray
till confidence is shattered
and there’s nothing new to say.

When I wished what I said mattered
there was plenty to parley
and though those hopes have scattered
I keep bargaining away.


Shirley said...

Hi Bob, I have always seen your writing as an art form. I admit there are times when I don't have a clue what you're trying to say but oh, how I love the way you say it! There are very few poets out there who have mastered the art of meter and rhyme the way you have.

I believe that what you say only has to matter to you. If it also touches someone else it's a bonus.

I, for one, miss your daily babbling! ;) It's good to have you back!

Noah the Great said...

Nobody matters more than anyone else; it's the actions that do. The only time your words aren't worth reading are when you don't say them.

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well in Bobworld, your muse has not deserted?


rch said...

Shirley, what can I say - you have been a great friend and constant supporter of what I consider my art, thanks for everything!

Noah I know, I wish I just didn't get frustrated so easily sometimes but that's my nature. Thanks bro!

Hey Glenn, yes she seems to have taken spring break haha

Dimple said...

Hi Bob,

What a beautiful creation!!
Really liked it...