Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Although it seems too early
the winter sun will set
no point in being surly
or fostering regret

as Jupiter and Venus dance
across a twilit sky
some haughty ravens gaze askance
at he who cannot fly

despite the best alignment
we often find ourselves
repressed by a confinement
where sunlight never delves

but every body interacts
with every other thing
though beady eyes ignore the facts
and savagely take wing

beside the green container
where refuse lured the flock
examining who’s saner
will make one gauge their stock

while improvised confluence turns
this knave into a knight
a blinding burst of starlight burns
with unabashed delight.


Art and Poetry said...

Nice! a perfect old fashioned rhyme

Word Catalyst Magazine said...

Beautiful! Welcome back. :)

rch said...


MSM said...

Wonderful work. I enjoy the tightness of your verse, as well as the rhymes. Excellent!