Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Like little Jack Horner, we met in the corner
exchanging our pieces of pie
then she thumbed her nose, and I, lachrymose
must now wish her well and goodbye.


Word Catalyst Magazine said...

Has Little Bo Peep
Offended her sheep?
Perhaps that was not her intention
As for Little Jack Horner
She remains in his corner
With her full, undivided attention.

paisley said...


wow.. had to pull out websters to bring me up to speed... very nice verse now that i know what it says.....

rch said...

you are mistaken, no offense taken
all good things come to an end
though consequence scatters what really matters
is knowing I made a true friend.

rch said...

Hi paisley, I'm referring to the infamous Web Poetry Corner where Shirley and I first met. Thanks!!

Word Catalyst Magazine said...

Hey Bob, I'm leaving on a jet plane...wish me luck. Should be back by Sunday.

We'll always be in the same corner. :)

ozymandiaz said...

It wasn't you
it was the spider
that plopped down beside her

rch said...

I hates spiders!!