Tuesday, July 08, 2008


With what eyes do we see?
In what light do we limn
the mysterious whim
of our own destiny?

Are we partial to clay?
With what tool do we shape
or conveniently scrape
imperfections away?

Is the model the key?
Is it balance we seek
as we grow more oblique?
With what eyes do we see?


ozymandiaz said...

very good question sir, very good question.

paisley said...

i do not know the answer,, but in my heart of hearts,, i know to achieve acceptance at this point,, i must see myself thru different eyes..

rch said...

Hey ozmo, long time no see (figured you just got sick of my constant self-absorbed whining), I had to borrow your tag line for this one, thanks bro!

Hi Paisley, wow your answer really makes me think, good luck my friend :D