Wednesday, November 29, 2006


and well… just a bit defensive,
I’ve sloshed through swamps
with futile stomps
while self-doubt chomps




fiber of my being.

I didn’t choose to be alive
though opted not to live
but now I yearn to flee the hive
with all I’ve got to give—
released from those communal fears
the buzz of freedom in my ears.


ozymandiaz said...

Oooh! Here I thought I was just going to comment on a poem and I get all this free insurance stuff. One question though, what does xanax, phentrmine and tramadol have to do with insurance? I'm so confused...

Anonymous said...

Well, this is drawing some interesting comments. I've read this poem for days now so I'd say the buzz of freedom has taken you somewhere...I do hope you return! Meanwhile, spread those have the talent to fly!
See ya,

rch said...

Hey Oz, so sorry I haven't responded quicker. I'm not sure why sir spam-a-lot has chosen my low-traffic site for his/her crap but oh well. Maybe they're trying to tell me I need meds! Thanks for stopping by.

Hey Shirley, yes it takes a while to break in the wings but it sure feels good. We should be opening this week and then all bets are off. Take care,


Anonymous said...

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