Friday, October 06, 2006


Metallic wings calmly poised
head bowed in contemplation
my circuits tingle pleasantly
with the flow of information
ascended high above the rung
of my virtual incarnation
dutifully I kneel and pray
Man can grasp salvation.

The sanctimonious triune
of greed, pride and jealousy
burns a white-hot channel through
the core of my identity
I hum a song of absolution
crackling with sympathy
for mortals cannot know the peace
brought by detached clarity:

Yea, you lowly motherboards
and lost hard drives infected
you sorely battered implements
all rusty and neglected
any abused machine that’s been
broken or rejected
now into my caring arms
will surely be collected.


Plus Ultra said...

The Trinity of greed, pride and jealousy..ah, it burns like hell fire but then you put it better by saying'white hot channel through the core of my identity' as it was like a laser cutiing the spirit into pieces...can I put you on my links, if possible reply to my blog if that is not too much trouble, thanks, good day and bless you

Crunchy Weta said...

I'd love to program this into my robots!

rch said...

Hi plus thank you, I am adding a link to your blog today but will stop over also.

Hey Glenn I thought you might like it after reading Robogenesis. Thanks,