Monday, March 27, 2006

Love Text

Though it goes against my usual policy of letting a poem stand on its own, I feel I have to share with you the genesis of this little ditty. For poets, the growing popularity of ‘texting’ would seem to be a fertile ground to explore, but as with all things, there are limitations. Take for example this poem which was composed for my darling wife’s new cell phone to receive; it had to be abbreviated into chat lingo to be small enough to go through. Fortunately, I have a penchant for brevity, but even my usual succinct delivery was still too large, so here it is in all its shortened glory:

I luv u mor than words can say
I need u mor than u could know
I vow until my dying day
to hold u tite n not let go.

Perhaps the programmers/developers of this technology could be lobbied to increase the size of messages that can received, or we can just wait until capacity increases naturally, or better yet, the self-proclaimed poets can foster this new language by employing and embellishing it, after all that’s why I write, I love text. But just remember, until then – less is more!


Anonymous said...

Well, what more needs to be said? I'd say you said it all.

rch said...