Monday, December 19, 2005

Know Your Role

"Forever shall the light be banned!"
his booming voice intoned,
across the swirling leaden sky
such dreadful silence droned
that mourning doves did keenly wail
with fear beyond control
and every creature on the earth
lay shaking in their hole.

Then suddenly the sun went black
as though a candle snuffed
"Now let’s see you spread your hate"
the weary wizard huffed;
a portent showed him naught but pain
would come from our foul race
so he resolved to wipe us from
the earth’s embattled face.

But soon the pretense of his wrath
disgraced the bitter mage,
he knew that all anomalies
were doomed to come of age.
"Should I, as hateful as the next
be the one to end all days?
I lift my curse and leave you to
the hardship of your ways."

A knowing sigh escaped his lips
as he reached into his cloak
then scattered dust throughout the air
and changed to thick blue smoke
which lightly wafted on the wind
throughout the vast expanse—
an incidental player
in this farce begun by chance.

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Anonymous said...

I bow to the master.