Saturday, May 11, 2013


The pleasantries are said
as though they're merely an allusion
he's lost within his head
where he can prey on the profusion
of fauna that are fed
by the colorful collusion
of idiom that's more than green
with florid gobs of glib between.

He watches others go
and it seems that he's in motion
the movement tells him so
but it's just a faulty notion
as age begins to show
while supposed locomotion
takes place within his frontal lobe
where he's content to ever probe.


mindlovemisery said...

I love the flow of this poem, it makes it very enjoyable to read.

I find myself able to relate to this the whole being lost inside your in head, being left behind definitely.

Prompt 3 is up if you are interested =)

rch said...

Thanks mlm, I got the inspiration for the second verse and title from a new show called ' Brain Games ' on nat geo channel, a lot of optical illusions, it's great!