Friday, May 24, 2013

Soar Spot

I watched a robin take wing
while on my work-bound route
and wondered if I had a thing
of value to commute
for just one shot to sing
but I was destitute
so wished it well as it began
a lilting tune unknown to man

and prompted by those gentle notes
I sought a different path
to skirt the management that gloats
about lopsided math
regurgitated down the throats
that warble hungry wrath
and maybe find a place where I
can have a chance to reach the sky.


Donna Smith said...

Have you ever noticed how a robin's song carries and almost echoes when sitting at the top of a tall tree? You need to find a high place and sing some notes unsung before. Then on Tuesday, you can reflect on that moment when you are back flying with the crows.

rch said...

Haha good one Donna, thanks for your awesome comments, have a great holiday!!