Sunday, May 19, 2013

Shades of Humility

A milky moon meanders through
the murky sky of night
as pensive as a pupil who
suspects the sense of sight

and once again it seeks to coax
with strident sterling streams
of lust, the spirit which provokes
a dialogue of dreams

the cool and stony way it peers
into my very soul
is amplifying atmospheres
conducive to control

but rebel forces counteract
conceited queens-to-be
that try their darnedest to extract
the prose of perigee

and all the would-bes of her court
watch grandeur coyly blink
as umbrage rules her lone retort--
a long, determined wink.


Donna Smith said...

Wow, there were some awesome lines in this one. I'm still reading it. I love "a milky moon meanders through the murky sky of night"...great beginning.

rch said...

Thanks a lot Donna, it was partly inspired by my poem 'Full of Itself' which is in the popular post list to the right, I just can't shake the pull of that mystic orb ;-)