Thursday, May 09, 2013


Remember the days of handwriting
when sentiments came from the heart
the scribbles were just so inviting
in a manner that print can't impart

the fact that a person would fashion
a message completely by hand
is a testament showing pure passion
that only true love can command

inhaling the ink imbued essence
which poured from each perfumy pore
would lend us a hint of the presence
that flowed from the one we adore

and then on the envelope edges
were sayings and coy little quips
but nothing compared to the pledges
that came from the sweetest red lips.


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


This is a most delightful poem. A real jewel to treasure, just like my memories of letter writing. You have brought back all the emotion, scents and composure.
I do miss the personal touch upon paper:)

Best wishes,

rch said...

I was hoping someone pre-digital might relate to this. I'm not sure why but the phrase 'Sealed With a Kiss' popped in my head the other day and all the sensory images that came with reading letters from home flooded my brain. Some girls would draw lips on the envelope but some actually smeared their lips with lipstick and left a bright red smack right on the paper, talk about making a young man's heart go pitter-patter. ;-)