Saturday, May 18, 2013


For some a poem's a lifetime
for others it's merely a thought
and then there are those whose bad rhyme
is better left unwrought

a strophe can be but a season
a couplet can birth something fine
the search for a logical reason
may end with the newly found line.


richard said...

What? What? You talking about me?
"bad rhyme?" Who, me? Okay, well, maybe.........
Good work, Bob.

Donna Smith said...

Ah, but wouldn't you say that with some work by loving hands even the bad rhymes once wrought can go on to birth a good line...if the right couplet is created...not one for only a season. I believe I've seen that happen. But it is not without work.

rch said...

No Richard, if anyone it would be myself ;-)

Hey Donna, yes it does take some work, ready to pass out now.