Wednesday, May 22, 2013


They affably bleat
immune to the scorn
that's heaped at their feet
the sheepish are shorn

they're constantly fleeced
from when they are born
until they're deceased
the sheepish are shorn

rebellion has dimmed
they gather each morn
content to be trimmed
the sheepish are shorn.


Donna Smith said...

Why, I was talking about that very thing to some Seniors in the high school today, when they were complaining about the fact that on bus trips where they would get home past 11pm they were still not allowed to stop for food...due to the new "Wellness" decree, and they aren't allowed to eat on the bus. So they instead are forced to eat at home around midnight. And we all know that's a good time for a meal if you want to fight obesity. But we're still flocking. And continuing to be shorn. It's for our own good, right?

rch said...

Yes it is 'shear' madness my friend ;-)